Skeletons in the Closet

By Calvin Hart

Skeletons in the closet,
Secrets never told
Shameful facts about ourselves,
We never will disclose.

Sins perhaps forgiven,
But will never come to light,
Forever hidden within our hearts,
Kept far from others sight.

Each of us are guilty,
Of some past sinful deed,
That would make us hide our face in shame,
If the truth were ever freed.

We tend to sit in judgment,
Of other's sad mistakes,
We chastise them for weaknesses,
But forget the ones we make.

We're quick to point a finger,
To scold and make a fuss,
But while we're pointing, there's still three fingers,
Pointing back at us.

What sins you may be guilty of,
Are between you and the Lord,
Jesus Christ will be the one,
To punish, or reward.

Before you upset the skeletons,
In someone else's closet at home,
Before you tend to someone else's business,
You need to tend your own.

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