By Singleton M. Tate

The clouds, the sky should tell me all.
I look deep within and still I fall.

Fall short, of what I'm suppose to be.
A caring, loving individual that was all me!

I want to be the very best.
Stay on the good foot and pass the rest.

But, everytime I start to succeed,
envious hands pull me back, down onto my knees.

They never have a kind word to say,
just criticize and scorn, then they're on their way.

I cannot grasp what's on their minds.
They can call the kettle black all of the time.

Lets turn the mirror, so they can see,
what needs to be pointed out within you, not me!

See the flaws within yourself, correct them,
accept them, be your very best.

You'll become a better person, just you wait and see.

Look inside yourself first, then take a look at me!

. /