A Letter Once...

By Cambridge Jenkins IV

we may not be
able to touch one
another, we can
still dream
together we can
still try love
make poetry
in our imaginations
on cream paper
in the soil
coastal sands
should foam wash over us
i'd grab you by
the heart
and we could still
try love
in the crevices
of the floating keyboard
rolling around in
its muffin crumbs
sea salt
burnt kettle chip edges
grape jelly clumps
we can still tap
and poke and
gently prod
tickle one another

you are both here
and not here
I am both there
and not there
and while there
is so much to
be sad about there
is so much more to
grin and
and smile

us just be
appreciative that
we have one another
in some way
and in this gratitude
whatever we lack
whatever space
there is I cannot fill
whatever space
there is you cannot fill
whatever insatiable
thirst arises in our
hollow bones
so starving at times
at the right time
be drenched in
some warm blue
that will
tap poke prod tickle
push us forward
another few steps
around some
blind curve
another few breaths
into some
new day
and everything will
be just fine all

(C) 2009 Cambridge Jenkins IV


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