Never The Worse For Wear

By Singleton M. Tate

She's cool under fire, so turn up the heat.
When it's hot and heavy, her inner voice speaks.
Not a trouble, not a care, she's one of a kind.
Never the worse for wear, invincible with time.

Her life isn't easy, and her heart will soon break.
Time and time again, this is not a mistake.
For she captures a sure will, to rise above.
Never the worse for wear, increasing her character through love.

She's the kind of person, who'll turn anything around.
Take your sadness and pain, turn your frown upside down.
She sings of the laughter, hidden so deeply within.
Never the worse for wear, a true lover and a most trusted friend.

She confounds the eccentric, and with knowledge, they don't know.
How she can give small pieces of herself, to help others grow.
She waters the flowers, of each life through her tears.
Never the worse for wear, cultivating the minds of the souls who'll
come near.

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