Let your Dreams come True

By Aravind Ashok

Have some friends who are no longer in touch
Whenever called they said office work too much
Very few of them can spare time to enjoy nature
Everyone's busy to secure their own future

Sacrificing their dreams they are working for others
Living like machines, neglecting their dreams n desires
They created robots who can think like man
Now who is more human, robots or mankind?

Follow your heart and soar high in the sky
Like a free bird, not a remote controlled kite
Don't waste time obeying someone else's orders
Always do something that keeps you alive

Live every day as if it were your first, not last
Never regret about your mistakes in the past
Erase all the negative thoughts within you
Always move ahead with a positive attitude

Don't allow pride and greed crawl inside your mind
Greatness lies in being humble, calm and kind
Don't beg, don't ask, just thank God in silence
For all the blessings bestowed on you....

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