Happiness And Purpose

By Alan W. Jankowski

Is happiness something far out of reach?
Something for which we must strive.
Like some far off destination,
Where we hope someday to arrive.

Or is happiness just a commodity?
Something that can be bought,
Or is happiness something we all can learn?
Something that must be taught.

Is our happiness in short supply?
That may someday come to an end,
Or is there enough to go around?
That we can share it with a friend.

There are many things we'll never know,
Like an envelope that's always sealed,
And yet as we pass through life,
The answers are slowly revealed.

For we‘re all here for a reason,
As we pass from young to old,
And the longer that we live it,
The more answers will unfold.

And though we entered the world that way,
We were never meant to be alone,
And though we may often try,
We can't do it all on our own.

For I believe happiness is our purpose,
And a purpose made to share,
To help make happy the ones we love,
And show them that we care.

And whatever our purpose in life may be,
And only time will truly tell,
My only hope is that I've served it,
And served my purpose well.

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