By Ron Chavez

In despair
I cried out to God
Screamed to the sun, moon and the stars
And called to beyond the beyond
Far into the empty vastness of the universe
That violent and turbulent caldron of creation
To all things
Eternally big and infinitely small
That place where star stuff gathers and shatters
Into old endings and new beginnings
To please, please
Lift me out of this living hell
Of sudden failure and failed hopes
And shattered dreams
In my sleep
A flash of brilliance wakes and blinds my mind
I shake in panic and fear
Then of a sudden in a surreal stillness
I am calmed
Enraptured in a peaceful rest that stills my heart
My cry is answered!
I am awash in the scarlet aura
Of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains
Where the winter snows sweep
Down steep
North facing ravines
Where the wind is high in the pines
Then, there, slowly... alone
Refreshed and revived by the rush
Of icy waters rumbling
In the clear streams
And the clean breath
Of the bracing mountain breeze dawn
First light splits the dark
The night stillness and silence slips away

Morning brightens
Birds, unseen, in the heavy green of the forest
Sing, shrill, warble and trill
A lone raven
Draped in coal black
Catches a stream of sheen
Off the rising sunís beams
The force of its flapping wings
Cracks the flora scented wind
Whoosh, swish, hiss
Caw! Caw! Caw!
Echoes out and up into the sky
As it flies across the meadow and into the trees
There, afterwards
In the heat of the mid-day sun on my back
In the thick of the woods
I lay on a bed of fallen pines
Quiet and still
In my ears I listen
In my head --
Where the mind ignites the brain--
I hear
The songs of silence
The sounds of solitude
My heart swells
My spirit thrills
My soul soars and wells
What once was heavy is now light
What once was dark is now bright
Down switch back curves to Taos I go
Snow on the alpine peaks above timberline
Poetry, music, dance, a little wine
In a fever to be free of fear
I begin to mend, to love life with lust
To live with passion and fire in my heart
To laugh...again

. /