Anchor Poetry

By Alfred Burse

These words I speak, the words, yes those last nine words I spoke, the words I will speak, these words are preached out more than just to uplift you, more than just to lift you up, more than just to peak your interest, if you're interested in just getting high then these words aren't spoken for you.

My soul is made for a multiple feeling heart. My heart doesn't rise to every occasion, this organ doesn't play high notes, so please take note, my heart doesn't always record at an all-time high. My character is not shaped to fit the perfectly scuplted hiearchy of your ladder. The design of my design does not lye up top at the head to the class. My formula does not always win first place at the fair nor does it frequently get top score at the highest level of the game. I would never glorify at being the head honcho at the top of the umbrella, I'd rather let the rain come down and rinse through my poncho. They say haste makes waste so I conform pronto, but honestly I'd rather relax take it all in & slide down like cheese on my nacho. As a society we put so much emphasis on pushing to the top that we never give thanks or seldom do we remember that in order to write on this piece of paper, the tree fell down after screaming timber. And even before the root grew up the seed was planted down into the ground of the earth.

These words are from the depths of my being, you need faith just to see them, its just like opening the top of the gift box without knowing what's underneath it, you carpe diem to take hold of the present even after at first you couldn't believe it. This is Anchor Poetry, the poetry that holds you down. The poetry that holds you down and at the same time uplifts you. See this poetry right here is that yo-yo that when you throw it down and it doesn't coil back up type of poetry. This is that I wanna be down cuz I fight for what's right type poetry. This that poetry that it's easier to spell a certain four letter word than it is for you to spell a certain two-letter word type poetry. This the type of poetry that instead of saying up and down you say down and up. This is anchor poetry. The poetry that holds it down while still looking up.

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