Abstract Artistry

By Singleton M. Tate

There you are my long lost friend
I've been looking for you
yet here you've always been
Must be the way Life is going fast
slipping into Lavender Saturdays
melting into a wavy mirage
Choosing my past over Today
checking in my loves upon
Rivers of Black Melodies
Running getting nowhere moving
yet I'm standing still in time
losing my mind over matter
When will I see Destiny sweep
up my right now?
Where is my impending Victory?
I walk in the Light of each dawn
lucid in great thought
remembering Providence
Touching sleep above
celestial shores engaged
in conversations with Tomorrow
Chambers hidden above Saturn's
glare encompass a vibe within
my every cell evoking mastery
As I finesse
Incandescent Rays of Rhythms and
like Thunderhead
unveiling the
Rich Secrets
Abstract Artistry

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