Seeing to Another Day

By Hassan Adan

List that consists of many lists
confuses me at times
my memories fade as the years go by
my bone goes denser
as they accept gravity's wishes
as my eyes goes haser and the world flashes by
too busy to understand and lend a hand
to an aged old man

When will I rest
to my final place
as I try to escape the clutches of death
I did this and I did that
became I wish I did this and not that
I don't want to die
but wish to stay alive
and catch the sunrise
It's glory and beauty
only catching It's beloved eyes

If I had to, I wish I could
get a one-way trip to heaven
and skip the grave and the judgement
and finally sip the Henessey and glass of cherry
To wine and dine with all the heavenly ladies

Lord have mercy on me,
I sin but always try to repent
my love for you and faith in you
maybe tested at times but through age and experience
I have learned without you I cease to live and exist
with you I'll live and hope to pray and make it to another day.

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