By Singleton M. Tate

In the midst of confusion and despair,
I seek the answers that I know are there. When my world seem to be crumbling all around and the comfort that I need so much is nowhere to be found. I'm here in the shadow of your face, cause it's your hope that you've given to me, I must embrace.

The waves of burdens and uncertainty
toss me from side to side. Is my ship sinking? How will I survive?

When the tears of frustration take over my mind. Dare I tell a supposed friend?
Would they even spare me the time?
I come broken and humbly to you, cause it's your hope that will surely pull me through.

Hope, a positive notion for the things
we cannot see, but the reality of what is to be. God sends us hope and His amazing grace, if we only just believe, never wavering in our faith.

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