Waiting to Return

By Trish MacQueen - The Trickster

Trailer loaded, excited, and packed up ready to go
Miles of road and familiar places pass before you know
Into Quebec where life is vivid and life a real show
To meet a lovely lady, Carol, and watch the chat flow.

Into the Gaspe along the mighty St. Lawrence River
Waves dancing and churning, making me shiver
Rain falling every evening until morn's sun deliver
Another dazzling day of ocean blue to make you quiver.

The Rock a place I have painted and longed to see
Comes into view and I am so elated I bubble with glee
Towering high out of the water and green from algae
A sight worth waiting to see, I am totally happy.

Whales swimming innocently, breaching high above
Little Pilots playing and sharing each other's love
Jostling, splashing, diving, cutting in with a shove
While I stand glued, watching, like a little dove.

Miles and miles of endless blue crested waves turning
Strengthening my longing and my growing yearning
To return time and time again for much more learning
But first, I must complete commitments and earning.

Cape Breton no other place like it in the earth
A magical land filled with sandy beaches of worth
And happy people beating merrily along with mirth
Remember Scottish roots and their resilient rebirth.

1000 islands jutting up from a river so very wide
Some large, some small, and many able to hide
Greyish waters mixed salt from lake to sea, a ride
And fascinating theatre, all enjoyed joyously outside.

Kissing bridge longest covered bridge around
A shared peck hidden inside, tucked up sound,
Before striding, step after step, crossing bound
Peaking over and watching water and hard ground.

Toronto a bustling city filled with sound and light
And people dashing here, there, and out of sight
But amidst the bustle, a shining face of pure delight
Sandie Angel...a person with compassion and insight.

A wonderful vacation, the first in almost twenty years
Filled with happy memories, laughter and cheers
Echoing with new places, friendships, and tears
For places I will miss, until I return when winter clears.

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