By ZaKiYa Online

a travel into love and history of self
rediscovering the essence of U

My past is not my own
my love is not my own
neither is my present life
but it is all part of

who I was
who I am
who I will be

my history
my blueprint
my DNA
my soul, spirit

love me for the eyes of my mama
love me for the soul of my grandfather
love me for the feistiness of my great great grandmother
love me for the agility of my great uncle

who I am
who I be
where I live
where I strive

forever in time
forever in line
the essence of me
my past
my love

History in the making
a process of gold
a mountain for fortitude
I am here before you strong and proud
living with yesterday
living in today
living for tomorrow
History are just words
but flesh and form is reality

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