The 2nd Great Depression

By Kenpo Bear 63

The midnight waters are running,
and the people are paused to pose.
The actors that were playing parts
are waiting for waiting for applause.

Compassionate political players
are looking for the Wizard of Oz;
looking for Americans
that will kindly support their cause.

Those who no longer qualify
for unemployment insurance are dying
and their hungry children are crying.
The unemployment benefits
are disappearing;
leaving the unemployed with nothing.

Being jobless isn't thrilling;
It's depressing and degrading.
Some are homeless, yet willing.
But their searches leave them yearning.

Our unemployed are still wondering
what has happened to their homes and
what has happened to their jobs, and
why they are feeling useless and unwanted, and rejected by others.

So many hearts and hardened;
choosing profits over people.
Without thoughts of kindness,
money madness becomes blindness.

The unemployed are left to grieve.
and search for reasons to live.
They are stripped of their dignity,
and we must weep for humanity.

Let the strong survive!
Let The cunning thrive!
The time for discussion is over.
There are no four leaf clovers!

Who will stand up for freedom?
Who will weep for Lady Libery?
When will we return to reason?
When will we value precious souls?

Let the factories of our great nation
return from their long vacations!
Give our men and women vocations!
Let us give new opportunities
to our next generations.

Can we feel and see
our country's tragedy?
Let's end this liturgy
of misery.

Our country can again be free.
The heart of our nation is grieving.
It's tears flow from our American dream.
Yet some are still strong;
believing In America and true to
the red, white and blue.

. /