Life Goes On

By Tarna

The rain will fall the snow will sparkle,
the tree's will blow and the birds will sing, children will dance flowers will grow,
music will ring and tears will flow,
ice will melt and memories felt.
Yesterday i was there, today i am not.
The angels called upon me and led me far away.
Tears will fall, hearts will break.
but i am still there in your heart.
I can still be felt.
close your eyes can you see me standing there? remember life goes on.
one day we will meet but until then enjoy what you have got.
If you ever need me just close your eyes and i will be there,
open your eyes and i will be gone,
now live your life and move on.
Remember i am only sleeping.
i will never be too far.
i will be that star shining down on you,
can you see it?
tonight i say goodbye,
tonight i shed my last tear,
i have to leave the angels are near.
Fall with the rain,
sparkle with the snow,
blow with the tree's
and sing with the birds,
dance with the children
and ring with the music,
enjoy yourself and be happy,
smile and cry sing and dance,
laugh and be sad.
share moments and express feelings.
stengthen and weaken.
love and smile.
you are still young, your life is yours.
forever will i miss you.
but now I've been laid to rest.
the angel came i got my wings.
i can fly, and i can sore
i can reach where I've never been before.

close your eyes see I'm still standing there.

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