Grief's Cloak

By Laurel D Rund

I took off grief's cloak so that its heaviness would be removed.
I needed to lift this shroud of pain and sadness in order to find out where and who I was without you.

Little by little, the light within me was rekindled.
With a newfound sense of freedom, I grew wings, felt myself flying, raised up ~ joyous!
Grief's cloak vanished as I flew.
Riding the waves of life's currents, I found myself able to soar without fear or sorrow coursing through my veins.
Experiencing things long postponed, rediscovering life's possibilities ~
my spirit overflowed with a rainbow of imaginings.

But wait! Was I also trying to outrun grief?
No hide and seek here, it was up ahead ~ my mourning was not complete.
Grief's cloak is a harsh reminder that loss is real ~ it cannot be pushed away!
And, if not accepted, even honored,
it will clip my wings and
leave me unable to fly.
With this in mind, I have learned to say
“Welcome back Grief ~ I acknowledge your presence!”

In death there are no real endings.
The story of us is woven into the fabric of my wings, and you are forever in my heart!
Remaining connected, even though we are in different forms and space.
You ahead of me, lighting the way ~ the wind upon which I soar, the sunlit clouds
upon which I perch.
Your spirit gently guides me and also reminds me that it is now time to chart my own course.

. /