By S.R.P

There were so many thing
I never had the chance to say
and now I'll never have the opportunity
for your soul has passed away.

I've heard so many times
about how you were so strong
you saw the worst of life
and never asked what you did wrong.

You were always so full of life
nothing could keep you down for long
you were the rock for everyone
the one we looked for to be strong.

When life got the best of me
and I felt I couldn't go on
your strength was there to guide my way
and bring me back home.

And now you've gone away
and I don't know where to turn..

I remember the day too clearly
when we laid you in the ground
I don't think I've ever cried so much
than when they fired the 21 rounds.

I'll never regret my last words
the last time I was able to say
"I love you, Grandpa."
before you passed away.

The worlds I didn't let you hear
were the ones so close to my heart
Grandpa, you are my hero
and your memory will never be far from my thoughts.

. /