By Shah Wharton

Day into night - I pray for a liberator

Dreaded ache... sore orbs closed tight

Hours pass, exhaustion and a daytime death;

A dream - An enabler -

Where I skip over the sun

And meet fairies on clouds

Ride wild horses on misty

Mountains - Bare back

Kiss cupid and hoot


Walk in blood red and yellow gowns

Of silk and lace -

Paint, liberally

Over the ruinous

Pain in my face.

Smile confidently once more,

At striking faces

On luminous lanes

As they pass by - unknowing.

Denial - within my dreams;

Sacred sanctuary, which shrinks

Whilst a rude

Awakening begins

In heavy lids, and a brand new day

Of purest sorrow

Sore orbs unwrap to salute, Pain.

And weep for yesterday and tomorrow.

© 2010 Shah Wharton

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