Political Affairs and What Not

By Troy Dennie

The illmatic of the polar diplomatic.
Illustrious lines and stanzas, representing for the homeless, spiritual and grandmas,
rebel with a cause and perceptual bliss above the earthly plains hovering east of mars,
rebuttal of obnoxious ostentatious proclamations delivered through mass media stations,
non believer in war of all kind, disbeliever in reasons for war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, Kosovo or Iran
heavily questioning the UN involvement in Darfur and the true atrocities in the middle east.
Still quite confused on North America's ability to offer lottery tickets and million dollar contracts to casts in TV sitcoms, when homeless people walk and sleep on the streets, and the elite lead us to believe they feel that shit is wrong.
Still looking to sublimate the prejudices that discriminate those who share the same inevitable fate, death.
in this reflective patois, I talk my thoughts abroad and rest thy soul among the stars, never leaving my seat, still aware that my intellect is sufficient to retain a cabinet seat, sensible enough to know my morals eradicate the possibility of me attaining government sovereignty or even running for political presidency.
buffets and superstores on this side of the world galore, yet there's people starving in Indonesia, Somalia, seems like we should be taking lessons from those in Singapore, because even in school they tell us that less is more, yet in a society where we work damn near daily, I must ask what the heck are we striving for?
learning from the has beens and have nots, politicin' on political affairs and what not.

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