By Calvin Hart

Some people spend a lifetime,
Looking for evidence,
Searching for signs of any kind,
To prove that God exist.

Some people look to science,
To fossilized remains,
But intellect and logic,
Somehow do not germane.

They break it down to DNA,
But test results belie,
In their search for God's thumb print,
DNA stands for "DOES NOT APPLY",

Using satellite imagery,
And studying ancient charts,
They scan the face of mount Ararat,
In search of Noah's ark.

Archeologist comb the deserts,
Sifting through dirt and sand,
Seeking Sodom and Gomorrah,
Destroyed by God's own hand.

Man has searched for ages,
Seeking the Holy Grail,
In hope of gaining eternal life,
But they are on the wrong trail.

They search for the Ark of the Covenant,
With God's great commandments inside,
Where between the wings of the Cherubs,
The Glory of God does abide.

They search for the lowly stable,
Where Jesus the Christ child was lain,
They search for the place on Golgotha,
Where Jesus the savior was slain

They search for the crown of thorns,
That scarred His Holy brow,
They search for the Tomb where His body lay,
But the Tomb is empty now.

They look for tangible items,
They can hold within their hands,
Something real and substantial,
Than man can understand.

You can search the whole world over,
From the seas to high plateaus,
But you will find no tags that say,
"MADE BY GOD" where're you go.

The proof of God's existence,
Must be felt as well as heard,
In you heart and in your soul,
And in His Holy Word.

Seek Him with an open heart,
In honest sincere prayer,
Listen to the voice of God,
And know that He is there.

And when your heart is swollen,
With peace and joy immense,
You will know without a doubt,
You have found your evidence.

Special thanks to Calvin Hart for this poem.  Calvin's poems are not only insightful but heartfelt as well. Calvin's book "Poems of Praise" can be found online at Tate Publishing and Amazon.com. I hope you enjoy it!

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