All That We Know

By Calvin Hart

I am constantly amazed on a daily basis,
Of the advancements that man has achieved.
Given the freedom and depths of our minds,
There's no limit to what we may conceive.

We've gone from travel by horse and buggy,
To travel by jets in the sky.
Once people traveled by foot across land,
Now over the land people fly.

Diseases that once were killers,
That sent thousands of souls to their graves,
Are now avoided with a routine vaccination,
Think of the millions of lives that were saved.

Man has been to both ends of the earth,
And everywhere in between,
We've done things that have never been done before,
Witnessed sights that have never been seen.

We've been from the oceans murky depths,
To the hot dry desert sand dunes,
We've left our marks from the bowels of the earth,
To the quiet, still face of the moon.

T.v.s,  v.c.r.s,  and  microwaves,
Computers, and cellular phones.
We have more comforts and convinces,
Than the world has ever known.

Yet with all the knowledge that we've amassed,
All our science and technology,
With all that we have done and seen,
God still remains a mystery.

The concept of God alludes us,
We simply can't understand,
How a being could exist, who could create all of this,
With only a wave of His hand.

As humans we seek out the tangibles,
Evidence we can see, touch and feel.
Without physical proof to convince us,
We have a hard time believing it's real.

The fact is, with all of our knowledge,
As far as man has progressed,
As intelligent a being as man has become,
Comprehension of God, we cannot possess.

We must believe and follow His Holy Word,
Without fear, questions or doubt.
We must trust in Him, and rely on faith,
Though we know not what He is about.

He is the creator, of all upon this earth,
Of the stars and Heaven and hell,
He is as far above us human beings,
As we are above a single cell.

He sent His son Jesus, to die on the cross,
To establish a Salvation plan.
So that through His blood, we may find redemption,
From the sins that plague mortal man.

We're not meant to understand the ways of God,
Or question His will or His law,
Because with all that we know, and all that we've learned,
We really know nothing at all.

Special thanks to Calvin Hart for this poem.  Calvin's poems are not only insightful but heartfelt as well. Calvin's book "Poems of Praise" can be found online at Tate Publishing and I hope you enjoy it!

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