The Golden State Debate

By Jon McColgan

What could be running through the mind of senator Gray Davis?
He's the governor of California yet there's much to discuss.
Entertainment and Government lines have recently been crossed.
Hopes of a real election have recently been lost.

All it takes to run for office is some cash and a petition.
A healthy acting resume may help for your admission.
Arnold and Gary Coleman are among those in the race.
More movie stars are needed though to try and take Gray's place.

The reason here is simple, yet doesn't make much sense.
Plan is to squash the deficit even though it is immense.
If a million people run and want to pay the entrance fee,
The sum will be enough to end the state's whole bankruptcy.

After reading this information it is clear.
California citizens have quite a bit to fear.
Imagine a state ruled by an actual terminator.
Imagine a speech given by an Austrian debater.

On the other hand, the recount could go the other way,
They may regret the outcome for forever and a day.
Everybody in the state from East LA to San Jose,
Could be placed under the guidance of a four foot cliché.

Odds are these acting giants will remain in entertainment.
If it hasn't happened yet I think there should be an arrangement.
The right to run for office should be controlled to some extent.
If not, who's to stop them from running for president?

It's time for California to arrive at a conclusion.
One that hopefully involves a leader with a vision.
Yet it may be true that anyone could run for this position,
But what do you attend; a debate or an audition?

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