Sunday Roast

By Ken Stokes

What is the meal, that I like most
It's sitting down, to a Sunday Roast
No matter if, playing guest or host
The meal thats best, my Sunday Roast

Anticipation those crispy baked spuds
Gravy poured, over the plate it floods
Choice of meats, from chicken to lamb
As on your plate, the things you cram

There are bits that add, the midas touch
Cauliflower cheese, I like very much
Fruit and veg, we are told eat five a day
With this meal, on one plate, I would say

Beware now your plates not piled to high
For once cleaned and you take that sigh
A notch in the belt, as you try to relax
A wish, elastic waist band, on your slacks

Moving cautiously to an arm chair
Lower yourself, in your mind not a care
Your next adventure sleep the quest
Your Sunday Roast now to digest

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