No Help At All

By Alan W. Jankowski

I sit at my computer desk trying to think,
I pick up my coffee and start to drink,
I've been up all day and into the night,
Wracking my brain for something to write.

Just sitting around all day at home,
Hoping to write the next great tome,
But my progress has been terribly slow,
The words simply don't want to flow.

I realize to reap the glory and wealth,
My novel is not going to write itself,
It's my own project, I understand,
Though I wouldn't mind a helping hand.

I look at my dog and she starts to stare,
If she has any ideas, I wish she'd share,
I'd gladly give her any credit due,
Even buy her a bone or two.

But she looks at me with nothing to say,
It's clear that she just wants to play,
She goes to the corner and fetches her ball,
I can see that she is just no help at all.

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