Lazy Poem

By Aravind Ashok

I wake up in the morning with a smile on my face
Eyes half open I do my chores in a very slow pace
Daydreaming even while taking shower
I reach college by the end of first hour

College the so called place to acquire knowledge
Stomach grumbling craving for some porridge
I go to canteen borrowing money from others
Missing next hour of which I am least bothered

Boring were the lectures and so were the teachers
Teaching in the language of some alien creature
Enough of attending lectures I bunk next class
To hang out with friends to do some time-pass

More than results I was afraid of my attendance
My medical certificates were accepted with a bit of hesitance
In last semester I got the FA
That was the first time I was seeing a grade with a letter 'A'

Sitting idle is the last thing men want to do in life
Their motto is to have a good job and a beautiful wife
This one is for idle minds who want their life to be cozy
Ambition is for people who don't know how to remain lazy!!!!

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