By Jessica Hudson

I've forgiven myself for all my pasts' wrongs, And others for what they may & have done.
And I've forgiven my kids' spermdonor for all the hell he put me through,
No I'll definitlie never forget, But I can admit that yes I had to forgive because I wanted to move on, Move on within myself & with my life,
I see it this way- I made all the choices that have led me to where I am in my life So therefor I take full responsibility for it all and I've accepted consequences as well as experienced Joy. And am very elated to say that Im at the happiest an best place I've ever been in my life,Forgiving him made it possible for me to accept, appreciate and fully experience the love of my husband,
Yea theres things that were ugly but I chose to find the beauty and keep steppin on, I've learned an continue to learn that every single moment has a purpose, every decision we make has an outcome and as long as we refuse to give up, We ( I ) can literally live happy because happiness is a way of life Not a thought. Its when people make choices after they've thought and or talked about. Its finding positivity when ur surrounded by negativity refusing to give in and be beaten,
So many of my experiences have led me to my deep values on the pricelessness of life,
So those that dont learn to forgive will never feel how great of a relief that you get from forgiving and will remain unforgivin.

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