She Dances

By Author Unknown

My true desire
put her in the fire.
She denied the pain,
The burns and the flame.

The fire crawls down to his finger.
The matchstick falls to the cold floor.
Where his feet stand bare.
He stands in victory.
His firey torch has slain the ghost.

Sighs, then the heart rushes.
Faster it pumps the tingles to him.
Hears her voice.
Call to me.

His head hands in failure.
Close my eyes,
and see her face.

The stream opens and fire spills,
pouring onto the floor,
the dirty floor.

His tired feet
burn my path
eat the hurtful scar.
Kill the tired soldier.

His fight,
his rage
slides from the barrel
the rage slips out, from under
her hair.

Fire flies out to cover the wall.
Stone cinders break apart.
The flames tore a window.

On the other side
she dances
fire at her feet.

The angry rot
climbing her dancing leg.
Soaked with fire
she is being watched.

His eyes meet her pain.
Watching her
my eyes filled with her scar.
Stinging my heart of fire.

The sting sets in.
Hearts of sin.
Fire screams out.
The beating heart fills with doubt.

. /