By Jazzy Cat Jr

Fireflies ( A's allowed)

In the bottom of the mouldy well,
in Uncle Ivors field,
just over the boggy dell,
behind the old sun shield,
secret surprises lurk within,
you must be very quiet,
but go there in the evening,
for then you won't deny it.

For the fey ones come out in the dusk,
with their symphony of twinkling lights,
joining the burnt twilight scent of musk,
profusions of fireworks for this most wondrous of nights.

So, stroll with me, returning home,
mix the memories onto the smile.
Just remember, tis uncommon for some,
they'll surely be gone the while.
We were lucky tonight my friend,
indeed blessed, for this surprise,
will undoubtedly show the end,
of the time we were visited by fireflies.

. /