Daddy Come Home

By April Walters

Daddy come home
I want to hug you
I want to kiss you
I want you to hold me like before
I want you to swing me up high
Daddy I want to soar
If only you could hear me daddy
what would you say?
when I ask the same question each and everyday
Mommy when is daddy coming home, will it be soon?
Whenever is fine, gee I hope he's in a good mood
Every time I say that, each time everyday
My daddy feels like he's falling further and further away
Today is my birthday and what a better surprise then a police man waiting right outside?
He tells me the news I must have to know
As I stand shouting
Why did you leave me daddy why did you have to go? Today was my birthday daddy, that's six in a row!
Now that you left me daddy, our house is gone.
Now that you left me daddy, the days are getting long.
I left you a note daddy, but I guess you didn't see.
Now that you left me daddy, mommy had to say goodbye to me

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