Waiting for You

By Jessika Joy Janusak

I don't mean to be unhappy, I yearn for joy in my life, too.
But when your heart is bleeding, how can the sky seem blue?

Despite my jaded heart, I am human, and I know that I need love, too.
But you see, my soul is different from all the rest,
and through it all, I taught myself to never settle for less.
Even if that means a lifetime of loneliness,
I know I deserve nothing but the best.

Still, I have to wonder if I am saving myself from heartache
by denying that I have any emotions?
Or am I spiraling down a path of self-destruction and deprivation?

Longing for love, but too afraid to feel it...
Aching to be touched, but unwilling to show it...

All I want is someone real to come and set my soul free.
I need someone who can intrigue me,
and that's not about playing games,
cause, frankly, that's not my style.

So if you think you are the one, then stick around for a while.
I have a lot to offer, so many things to bring to the table.
And when I find that special person,  
I will be more than willing, and, oh, so able
to fulfill all your deepest desires, and make you feel like a King,
as long as you see me through this dark tunnel of numbness,
and treat me like your Queen...

. /