You and Me...

By Gilles G Marchand

You and me...

We start by looking into each other's eyes
I feel as if I'm floating on the ocean
And you are the bird of paradise
Your lips begin to smile
As mine...
I lift my hand to feel your face
Then gently slides to your neck
Only to arouse your breathing
As you touch, my chest
My fingers trace your lips
You open them so gently
To kiss my finger tips
Your eyes become glazed
With stars leading me thru
Your tallest waves...
You take my hand
And place it on your breast
Wished to be teased
Body's becoming undress
Looking into each other eyes with passion
That we can no longer hold
Lips become embraced
In-flamed are the souls
The animal within us
Is becoming alive
You thrust your head back
Looking to the sky
You begin to moan and growl at the moon
Inviting me inside
Embracing you even more I do
For the wolf will be here soon
Breathing is no longer breathing
I feel the hair upon my back growing
Her nails ripping my flesh
To each beat she moans
A rose drips from my chest
Beat gets stronger and stronger
Till everything disappears
Only you and me

. /