The Teacher

By Alan W. Jankowski

I want to teach my dog,
Some tricks that are new,
Like sit, fetch and heel,
As a dog's expected to do.

But after many hours,
Things are not going good,
For despite all my efforts,
She won't do as she should.

She can't fetch to save her life,
And it's just a little ball,
But instead of carrying it back,
She'll just let it slip and fall.

My nerves are starting to fray,
It seems that I'll never win,
Far from concerned with her failures,
She'll just stand there and grin.

I'll take her out for a walk,
Hoping by my side she'll stay,
But she'd rather sniff the flowers,
That grow along the way.

And if I try to get her to sit,
And stay until I call,
Now she wants to play,
And go and fetch her ball.

As if having fun is more important,
Than doing what you should do,
Sometimes I have to wonder,
Who should be teaching who?

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