Finding the Will to Win

By Julie Bartle

What is this hole I feel inside
Dark, dead, just cast aside
Sometimes I feel it's filling up
Full of hope a brimming cup
But alas this warmth does last not long
A constant reminder of past long gone

You are not worthy little one
No happiness for you, you have not won
These are the voices that pull me down
a knowling look, a casting frown
More strength from somewhere I must find, to piece together this confusing mind
Am I reading the signals wrong, left or right, which one which one?

I can be good, honest, please
Trust me I have growing leaves
and through lifes seasons I will shed
these grasping feelings full of dread
A light has shone and pulled me in
She's winning, she's winning..a spreading grin

My babe in arms, all soft and smiles
keeping me warm for miles and miles
For him I wish the World to keep
My Proof, long after I'm asleep

. /