By Alan W. Jankowski

An honest man who worked real hard,
And did his best throughout his life,
To clothe and feed his proud family,
His four children and his wife.

Born in the early twentieth century,
He knew that times were often tough,
But he always did whatever it took,
To ensure his family had enough.

A gentle man who spoke with kindness,
And ungraciousness was never heard,
Who still believed in God and family,
And knew the value of a man's word.

Some would say he was old fashioned,
He rarely drank and did not smoke,
But he was always there to lend an ear,
And always the first to offer a joke.

A kinder, gentler, more honest man,
Could never be found anywhere,
And I know as sure as there's a Heaven,
That you will find my Grandpa there.

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