Awakened At Midnight

By Angela Rabatin

Awakened At Midnight:
A Poem On Behalf of the Tzarevich Alexei Romanov (1904-1918)

What a shock it came to be
When the guards came to awaken me.
At first I was annoyed,
But that soon changed to fright.
How odd it was to be
Awakened at midnight.

I'd led a carefree life
At least until now;
Now my life has been taken over
It's so hard to explain how.
But deep inside I somehow knew
My pain would soon be over now.

We were led into a cellar
Where we were told to stay,
But then without warning
Some men came to take us away.
Away to a place that we'd never been
A place I only knew as Heaven.

Papa never lied to my family or I,
That sooner or later
We were going to die.
And so it was on July 17
Then we died there together
My family and I.

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