A Little Sunshine

By Angela Rabatin

A Little Sunshine:
For The Royal Child Martyr Tzarevich Alexei Romanov (1904-1918)

On August 12
In 1904
A sun was born
Into this world.

His rays were gold
His rays were bright
Little did he know
That for life he would fight.

His rays were strong
His rays were sweet
But towards the end
He was ever so meek.

His rays did not fade
But grow ever brighter
When his body was weak
His rays would grow stronger.

This sun was the brightest
Star of them all
But deep inside we somehow knew
He could not burn for long.

These rays might shine
When his country was so hateful
He was so warm and so kind.

It would have been nice
If he lived a century
But the hands of Fate
Did not treat him fairly.

The sun was destroyed
Into oblivion
The sun was killed
In the name of revolution.

But when you look outside
On even the cloudiest night
There are many stars
That burn strong and bright

Among them there's a star
That struggles to burn.
It is the brightest by far
It is there as the world turns.

So whenever you are troubled
Or you can't sleep at night
Just look outside
At the star that burns so bright.

He will always be there
To guide and protect you
He will always be there
For those who are in need.

His memory will not fade
Nor will his name
His heart will never dwindle
Nor will his fame.

We all need sunshine
In our troubled lives
Whatever happens the Tsarevich's rays
Will only grow brighter.

His rays reach out with an incredible pitch
Remember his name: Alexei Nicholaevich.

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