Why Fear Death

By J Gregory-Howarth

Laugh at death! Do not fear it.
Put it on the back burner.
Why? Because that's all you can do with it,
It's no good studying it, like a picture by Turner.

Why fear it? What do you know of it?
If something? Tell us all.
What is so frightful?
Is it not knowing when to fall?

Is it because it is the unknown?
Or, are we just selfish?
Selfish for the things you'll miss,
Things that we'll never relinquish.

If there are things you'll miss,
Get them or see them now.
For then it is too late.
Because you never give the final bow.

It is those you love, who'll sing it,
That song you like.
You'll be there but won't hear it.
They won't want to, but they'll share it.

So do those things you've always promised,
And you'll be too busy to be in fear.
Fear death? Not you!
You're too busy year by year.

So make plans for your tomorrow,
The fear of death is the fear to plan,
Make plans to live and laugh again,
And love yourself while you still can.

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