The Fadin' Fight O' Mountain Cowboy

By Author Unknown

Cowboys 'n' canyons, high buttes 'n' mesas,
tall ponderosa, pines o' juniper 'n' fir,
snowbound avalanche 'n' white water rapids,
yer in the wild mountain west fer sure.

High peaks t' climb 'n' valleys fer pasture,
pinon 'n' cedar waft aromas so pure
from a high mountain homestead's wood stove
or th' calmin' campfire of a cowboy's cure.

What most folks call lonely, cowboys call true.
No one t' bother 'n' complicate you
with a new regulation on how ya must live.
Ya might wanna take; we ain't willin' t' give!

The big words o' justice be fit to survive
with th' first rule o' cowboy, "be prepared" to arrive
in the high mountain west o' snow, wind 'n' ice.
Be at peace here with Nature 'n' our paradise!

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