Sonny Jim

By Author Unknown

His horse barn 'n' home be the same fifth-wheel trailer.
He wanders the west chasin' rodeo.
He winters the south in Arizona
then heads up to Cheyenne when there ain't any snow.

He circuits the west from north California,
Oregon, east to Dakota badlands.
As an Indi'n rodeo cowboy champion,
he'll ride in the mountains to the west Texas sands.

He's left plenty o' heartbeaks on the trails that he's rode
with memorable moments sublime
but, jus' like most all rodeo cowboys,
he's runnin' his race 'gainst time.

I've dubbed him "Forever Rodeo Cowboy."
He's a brother-like pard to me.
'N' just like Jackson Sundown, his hero,
he's destined in this life t' be
one of the most colorful rodeo cowboys
alive! I'm right proud o' him.
He's a Modoc Indi'n rodeo cowboy,
my brother-like pard, Sonny Jim.

. /