Frontier Forgotten

By Author Unknown

Where's the roads 'n' power lines,
railroad tracks 'n' billboard signs,
county dumps 'n' Circle Ks,
convention centers, gas pump bays?

Where's the people,
where's the bars,
Where's the concrete,
where's the cars?

Where's the run down part of town?
Where's the street lights, frontier's frown?

All I see are trees 'n' cliffs 'n' canyons,
mountain meadows, star bright skies above a red horizon.
Silent calm, save whispered breezes,
coyotes callin', rabbits' sneezes,
rustlin' leaves as Autumn nears
and cracklin' campfires calmin' fears.

Remember when a wagon train
led doggies 'cross the wild terrain
and folks would stop in paradise,
bravin' snow 'n' wind 'n' ice
to settle down in homestead grace
and snuggle in forgotten frontier's place.

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