By Calvin Hart

Do morals really have a place,
In the world we live in today?
Does it really matter one little bit,
If a child in a school room can pray?

Is it really worth the extra effort,
To teach our children wrong from right?
Should we try to keep them off the streets,
At all hours of the night?

Should we try to guide our children,
Around life's traps and snares?
Is it really our place as parents,
To teach them to love, and to care?

Does it matter that our children have access,
To filth and pornography?
From on line computers, or magazines,
To the movies they watch on T.V.

Should we stop to help a stranger,
If he should fall along the way?
Or turn our heads and walk on by,
Not caring where he lays.

Should we try to help our neighbor,
If to us with there problems they turn?
Or should we bid them to go away?
Because its none of our concern.

Should we strive to love our fellow man,
And to live by the golden rule?
Would it make us better people?
Although someone might call us a fool.

What if long ago our Savior,
Had answered these questions NO?
And decided it was not worth the pain,
To help us mortals down below.

What if He had decided not to die,
For our sins upon the cross?
That He did not care if we burned in Hell,
Because it would not be His loss?

I thank God each and every day,
That He answered these questions YES,
That He loved us enough to die for me,
And not one tiny bit less.

Take a moment to stop and think,
Of the price Jesus paid for your sins,
Ask yourself "Was I worth it"?
Then answer those questions again.

Special thanks to Calvin Hart for this poem.  Calvin's poems are not only insightful but heartfelt as well. Calvin's book "Poems of Praise" can be found online at Tate Publishing and I hope you enjoy it!

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