By Author Unknown

I should have stayed in bed today,
          in bed's where I belong,
          as soon as I got up today,
          things started going wrong,
          I got a splinter in my foot,
          my puppy made me fall,
          I squirted toothpaste in my ear,
          I crashed into the wall.

          I knocked my homework off the desk,
          it landed on my toes,
          I spilled a glass of chocolate milk,
          it's soaking through my clothes,
          I accidentally bit my tongue,
          that really made me moan,
          and it was far from funny
          when I banged my funny bone.

          I scraped my knees, I bumped my nose,
          I sat upon a pin,
          I leapt up with alacrity,
          and sharply barked my shin,
          I stuck a finger in my eye,
          the pain is quite severe,
          I'd better get right back to bed
          and stay there for a year.

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