The Addiction

By Robison

I lay awake in the dark of the night,
praying for the morning light.
These feelings I have will not go away,
I pray for something to take them away.
Moving on and not looking back,
I try to stay strong and on the right track.
Time will never erase my past,
my memories keep coming and gliding right past.
Will these feelings ever end?
I ask myself until no end.
When these feelings pass me by,
I look at my past and want to cry.
I wonder why I ever did it,
I praise myself for keeping with it.
Don't ever go back, I tell myself,
You'll lose a lot more than life itself.
What do I have to lose, I ask,
I answer with, my kids, at last.
So when these feelings come to you,
think of what you have to lose.
Think of family, think of friends,
think of good things until it ends.
Think of things to get you through,
I will be there to help you to.

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