Listening to a Stolen innocency

By Dr. Sudhansu Dash

I wake up every morning
Before the sun wakes up
Just to be treated unfairly
And lock my tears
Not allowed to shed from my empty eyes.
In my long walk,
Carrying plenty of hunger in an stomach
I keep my suffering private to all.
I know how to listen the song of the cuckoo
But gaze lonely at the children's park.
Nobody feels my feelings
Bother not what I have to say
I hammer the stones in my soft palms
But cannot hammer the stony hearts of man.
I am to pretend
Everything is fine.
You get paid with the tears I have shed.
So much shattered my voice
Unheard to anybody else.
What I say is just a noise for you.
My sick longs cannot breath
Under the wild eyes of my master
The shrunken eyes are tired of crying
The sick heart is tired of dying.
Just remember!
You were a child once too.
All my gathered dreams are locked in your iron doors
Full of tears my eyes are
I beg, 'Help me out'
Though I am quiet
My heart silently shouts.
Tears go unseen, voices go unheard
My blood of my scared soft palms quenches your thirst.
You leave me with tearful eyes, terrified faces and shattered dreams
To make all my dreams a history.

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