By Amethyst Moosdorf

It drives me nut knowing your still out there, still breathing the same air as me.
You're so close, yet so far away.
I wanna get down on my knees and beg G-d Please, to just take you away.
It's all to confusing for me. i know I love you for who you are but hate you for what you did.You hurt me so bad for what you did. i just wish you would realize it. I never asked yoou for much, but I sure as hell didn't ask you to touch me. Maybe it's not all your fault maybe it's all mine. I'm the one who acted so innocent and so cute, but wasn't directing it towards you, maybe it seemed that way to you, but that's till no excuse. You had no right, it's against the law you even threw me up against the wall. I have so mush fear towards you. I was afraid to sleep at night. I would hold on to my Teddy tight praying you wouldn't come down praying not to hear that sound.

. /