Poem of the Day

The Making Of You ... Best Friend To The First Man And The Son Of The Slave (Khalil Adam Pryce)

By Lepadah

His guitars against the wall
kung fu stickers
drumsticks peeking out pocket
sagging Levi's
braces, afro pick, curly fro
his favorite Yankee baseball cap
the lone saxophone
puberty passing thru

adolescent testosterone
breaking in Plan B
no license to rule this world
spray paint thought on pundit desk
started a little rock band
one day Nirvana

tired of father
squelching sons breath
he's so unpredictable
ascribe constant disapproval
he should understand
contest becoming a man

let stand alone
go on do that !
allow a fail
many a lesson learn
expect the burn

beating blindness out drums
slamming door to private room
doing his thing
swept away by old szhool
young nwa searching ally

lush innocence a sprout
seeking to be the superior being
adrenaline rush sugared frosted flakes
"They're great!"
lacing up sneakers
with different color shoestrings

DC foot atop album crate
prepping to practice
the art of scratch
turning expending tables

no riddled rhyme
neither sublime
speeding wheels rushing time
changing tides
astride your Birdhouse

© 2010 Lepadah