Poem of the Day

Evil All Around

By Karla Pennington

He claimed self-defense standing with gun in hand,
His mental instability known as he makes this stand.
The officer tells me my love is gone as the room is unusually still,
I scream in disbelief, \"This isn't happening, this isn't real!\"

My love his only and best friend he claimed,
What kind of monster shoots so many times his body is completely maimed?
A man of God he claims to be; my God is loving and good,
Taking a life is not loving and good; he is Satan, he misunderstood.

Never again will I gently kiss my love's lips,
Look into his eyes or feel the softness of his fingertips.
For in one brief moment my future taken from me,
Then I'm told until the investigation's complete, he remains free!

Where is the justice, who made this crazy law?
Lawmakers need to re-evaluate and quickly fix this flaw.
Unable to work, tears flowing constantly as my heart breaks,
Yet he is the protected one, I am the victim, what sense does that make?

Mentally unstable, completely insane have the right to bear arms,
Destroying lives, tearing apart families, grief stricken by the harm.
Protecting their families by paying the ultimate price,
They give up their future,their dreams, their life.

The loved ones left behind will be victims 'til the end,
A flawed justice system no way can they depend.
Silently and painfully they go on day to day,
Forever suffering in silence, a price too high to pay.