Poem of the Day

On The Edge of a Dream

By Ron Chavez

If I could see
With world wide clear eyes
What would I see?
Atop the Rocky Mountains
I see
A hundred bald eagles
Perched on tall, dark green pines
Cold, clear fast running snow melt streams
Coyote moon rise in full golden glow
Behind ridge ranging orange-red clouds

In a quiet moment ever so slow
I feel the innocence of a child
Cuddled in its motherís arm
Where angels like butterflies
Keep me far from harm
In lock step with my laded heart
That wants to shout
Give me joy!
Set me free!

Not trapped in sorrowís grip
That rips us apart
Let me live where the hawks soar
High in the clean, rarefied air
Where a sense of solitary peace
Far from civilizationís mind boggling roar
I dare to seek

Or are my eyes deceived?
My mind confused?
After a million magnificent sunsets
Do I but live on the edge of a dream
Where man is blindly led to still
Kill! Kill! Kill!

Is this a dark world where
The profane is sacred?
Is a gentle wave breaking on a sandy shore?
But an illusion of tranquility?
Is it but a beguiling inhuman whore?
Are wars, hate, and world leaders who lie
In bed with the greedy, grabbing rich
Is all we have to believe and rely?

Or are my eyes not wide enough
My mind too quick to deny
How manís humanity
Is but a big lie?
I close my eyes
I shut my mind
Iím overwhelmed

I stand atop the highest craggy peak
And hope and cry
That what I have once seen
Up here, my breast close to the sky
Does not turn out to have been
Just a lonely, misguided
Dreamerís dream

By Ron Chavez